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Video: Parents slammed for allowing toddler to graffiti aircraft


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Footage of a plane passenger allowing a toddler to draw on the back of the tray tables – and even guiding their hand – has sparked outrage online

A plane passenger has sparked outrage after allowing a toddler to draw all over the tray tables.

A plane passenger has sparked outrage after letting a toddler to draw all over the tray tables
The adult can be seen guiding the child’s hand

The clip shows the adult even guiding the child’s hand as they scrawl pencil marks across the back of the drop-down table.

It can be hard to keep a child entertained on a flight but people were not impressed by this passenger’s technique.

The video was posted to the Passenger Shaming Instagram page with one traveller telling of how the parent or guardian looked on as the child scribbled everywhere.

In the clip, the tray tables can be seen covered in different coloured scribbles.

The child can be seen sitting in the in the window seat drawing away on the tray table in front.

There was a mixed reaction to the clip with one person writing: “Who would encourage their kid to do this?”

Another said: “Airlines need to make the parents clean this up, or pay for damages. Airlines have your name and details!”

A third added: “Ugggh this reminds me of those people who chuck stuff on the floor “to give the cleaners something to do”! Isn’t the cleaning turnaround time on planes really short?”

Someone else agreed saying: “I would never allow my kids to do that because it’s disrespectful & rude. Pencils are for paper in my house, not walls or seats or floors or anything else.”

This isn’t the first time people have been shocked by the behaviour of parents or guardians on planes.

Back in October, a mum was slammed for letting her toddler use a potty in the middle of a plane aisle – just feet away from other passengers.

The woman, whose identity is unknown, was pictured crouching down in the aisle as she helped her young child to go to the toilet.

After being spotted by crew members, she was reportedly told she needed to take the youngster into the aircraft’s vacant toilets instead.

In response, she is alleged to have told them: “I don’t give a s***.”


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