Pattaya Hotels

Booking A Hotel In Pattaya

Finding a hotel in Pattaya is no easy task. Thankfully, the PattayaToday team have worked their magic and created this page to allow our users to find the ideal hotel at the best rate in both Pattaya and Jomtien. Our team has even listed the top 5 hotels in Pattaya for your convince.

We cover all locations of Pattaya including North, Centre and South Pattaya. We even provide guest houses in East Pattaya. If Pattaya City is not your main choice and you would rather go to Jomtien, check the Jomtien map, you will find the best hotels and the best rates available.

Our booking system goes through, we use because we know just how hard it is to trust companies you’ve never heard of before!

Happy hotel hunting!

Pattaya Map

The Pattaya map shows Pattaya North Centre and South, here is where all the action happens, Pattaya City is the place to be for an entertainment filled holiday vacation!

Jomtien Map

The Jomtien map shows Jomtien North Centre and Na Jomtien (south), this part of Pattaya is much more relaxed and easy going. This is the part of Pattaya to chill, the place to take your mind off your busy lifestyle.

Pattaya Hotel Deal Finder

This is our Pattaya Hotel deal finder, its updated all the time, if you’re looking for a cheaper than normal hotel, the chances are we’ll have it listed here.