No one likes to be sick but if ever there’s a need for it then let’s make sure you’re prepared.


Pattaya International Hospital is one of Thailand’s most modern medical centers. It offers 80 inpatient beds, 24 hours emergency service, and a full range of advanced facilities, including intensive care, obstetrics, x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, dental clinic, fully-equipped operating theaters and a physical therapy center and dermatology & cosmetic centers.

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Pattaya International Hospital
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Pattaya International Hospital
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Pattaya International Hospital

Internationally-trained and experienced doctors give personalized care, backed by the latest medical technology. Pattaya International Hospital is in a convenient but quiet location, where patients can recuperate in cheerful, private rooms that overlook a tropical garden.

Internationally-trained and experienced doctors give personalized care, backed by the latest medical technology; Pattaya International Hospitalis in a convenient but quiet location, where inpatients can recuperate in cheerful, private rooms that overlook a tropical garden. Doctors, senior nurses and admissions staff at Pattaya International Hospital are all fluent in English. A computerized medical records system is used to record every aspect of a patient’s care, from initial consultation, right through admission (if necessary), treatment and dispensing of medications from the pharmacy, to final billing.

Pattaya International Hospital offers 24-hours emergency service and has its own fleet of ambulances. Resident doctors are always available to offer efficient, personalized care, backed by facilities that include laboratory, x-ray, fully-equipped operating theaters, obstetrics, dental and the very latest Intensive Care facilities

Departments and specialty centers at Pattaya International Hospital

Pattaya International Hospital
Dr.SARAWOOTH PHOLSANE: General Practitioner/Cardiologist
Pattaya International Hospital
Pattaya International Hospital
Pattaya International Hospital
Dr.VORAPOJ NORASUCHA: Gastroenterologist
Pattaya International Hospital
Pattaya International Hospital
Dr.DANAI PANDAENG: Orthopedist
Pattaya International Hospital
Dr.SONGYOD MAYURASAKORN: General practitioner/Pediatrician
Pattaya International Hospital
Dr.THEPTHAI LOICHUEN: Dentist/Prosthodontist
Pattaya International Hospital
Dr.JESSADA SUWANNASIN: Urologist/Surgeon
Pattaya International Hospital
Pattaya International Hospital
Pattaya International Hospital
Rheumatology Family Medicine  Obstetrics & Gynecology
Plastic Surgery Dialysis Center (8 Units) Acupuncture
Cosmetic Surgery General Surgery Pediatric
Dental Care Ear Nose Throat  (ENT) Physical Therapy
Dermatology Orthopedic Cardiology
Bio Laser Radiology  Emergency Service


Services:    Transportation services

Facilites:      Private Rooms                  Recovery Facilities

LanguagesEnglish                              German                       Thai            Mandarin          Russian

Number:      Number of Doctors: 50        Number of Beds: 80     Year Established: 1974

Address of Pattaya International Hospital

Pattaya International Hospital SOI 4, 2nd Road, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20150
Nearest Airport:
90km from Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Call: 038 428 374

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