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Pattaya is preparing for even stricter Covid19 measures while hotel occupancy is only 3 percent


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A manager of the Flipper hotel group in Pattaya told Sophon Cable TV editors that changing the resort from a red zone to a deep red zone won’t make any difference. Sinchai Wattanasatsathorn said the die has been cast and that tour operators in Pattaya have resigned themselves to whatever Covid authorities decide.

He pointed out that only 5% of the possible tourists could come to Pattaya, and in addition, there is a group of tourists who do not dare to travel at all.

It doesn’t matter what colour the area is, the tourists just don’t come.

He painted a grim picture of the current hotel occupancy and said that middle class to cheaper hotels only had occupancy of 2-3%. Some are completely empty after the 3rd wave of coronavirus hit.

Regarding the return of foreign tourists in October, he said this would be “difficult”, especially for the Chinese.
Precisely because the Chinese government does not allow travel and did not say for sure what intergovernmental talks had taken place.

When they did come, the “sandbox plan” seemed like the best way forward.

In a slightly more positive way that the European and Asian bookings towards the end of the year for the Flipper group looked promising, but a lot would depend on the end of the quarantine.

Without a quarantine, people would simply start planning their return to Thailand.

It is important for you as a guest in Thailand to know that the measures and developments regarding the Covid19 virus (can) change at any time, do not blame your news bear if he does not report the changes in time.

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