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Pattaya Mayor Confirms Pattaya’s Reopening Has Been Delayed Until November

The mayor of the coastal city of Pattaya today officially confirmed that the city’s reopening to vaccinated foreign tourists has been postponed until November. The announcement follows a similar one made yesterday by the administrative center for Covid19 containment, the CCSA.

Pattaya Mayor Sontaya Khunplomek says many provinces have postponed reopening from October to November, including Chonbui, the province in which Pattaya is located.

Mayor Sontaya adds that the Ministry of Health has advised the CCSA to postpone the reopening of provinces to foreign tourists at this time because the majority of provinces seeking to reopen to foreign tourists have not reached the 70% herd immunity target. .

“In Pattaya, Bang Lamung and Sattahip, more than 70% of the people here have already been vaccinated, but only for their first doses. Pattaya City has reached about 70% but greater Banglamung has not yet and that is a concern for the MOPH. This is based on housing registration and permanent residents in the neighborhood,” says the mayor.

The mayor further said the health ministry wants more of the Thai public to be vaccinated so that they are protected from the virus. Also that the primary focus of the MOPH is to ensure that hospitals are not overrun with patients when tourists return.

“90% of staff working in tourism companies are already vaccinated. We have about 20,000 people we are still working on to get vaccinated with their second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, to address their concerns and reach them. This should be completed within a week or so,” added Sontaya.

The mayor concluded his remarks by saying that 4,000 people are vaccinated every day in Pattaya, both Thais and foreigners.

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