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Wearing of a mask is now only voluntary – Royal Gazzette

This has just been published in the Royal Gazette and is now law straight away:

“The wearing of a mask is a voluntary practice from now onwards. The Ministry of Public Health only recommends that the general public wear a mask in a crowded or badly ventilated place or if they have symptoms.”

But please note, private property such as shops and also public transport, have the right to continue with mask mandates if they want. Government buildings will probably also continue for now. So, at the moment, you don’t have to wear a mask outdoors and it is only recommended for crowded places. But if a shop or the Skytrain says you must wear a mask to enter, then you have no choice.

Source: http://www.ratchakitcha.soc.go.th/…/E/146/T_0021.PDF

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Road renovation in South Pattaya is causing a lot of controversy, with sidewalk repairs delayed

Road renovation in South Pattaya is causing a lot of controversy, with sidewalk repairs delayed

Slowly the foreign tourists find their way to Pattaya, but at the same time, they arrive in a city where many construction works are taking place. This puts Pattaya behind with regard to the safety and convenience of the tourists.

With no one now able to do anything about the disruption of major road works that will last until January, shopkeepers in South Pattaya want at the very least, sidewalks repaired and the dust sprayed.

The ongoing project to build new drainage pipes between Soi in and Walking Street along South Road has proved a disastrous renovation for traffic and business in South Pattaya. Only one lane of Second Road is open near South Road and ongoing work by contractors has turned sidewalks near the reconstruction area into a wasteland.

Several shopkeepers have appealed to city council member Nikom Sangkaew to demand that the contractor not only be more conscientious about the damage they cause but also repair the sidewalks and minimize the dust they cause. .

Massage parlour owners near the intersection said customers and staff were tripped and injured on the sidewalk and massage parlours were experiencing financial loss from the high dust.

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Mentally disturbed man in Thailand sentenced to 12 years for royal defamation

A 29-year-old man named Punyaphat made a number of posts on the Royalist Marketplace Facebook group questioning the popularity of the Thai royal family and King Vajiralongkorn’s frequent trips to Germany.

Siwapan Manitkul, a director of a local sports company, reported Punyaphat’s comments to the police and was charged as a result under section 112 of the national criminal code, also known as lese majeste. Siwapan is known to have reported at least 9 others in 2020 for alleged defamation of the royal family in social media postings.

Some Thai human rights lawyers reported that the Provincial Court of Samut Prakan ruled that 4 messages that Punyaphat posted on the Royalist Marketplace platform on May 9-10, 2020 were intended to incite hatred against the King and Queen and that the messages were false and slandered about the king.

He was sentenced by the court to 12 years in prison for royal defamation and violation of the Computer Crimes Act. The sentence was later reduced to 6 years because the suspect confessed.

Punyaphat’s mother revealed that her son suffers from attention deficit disorder and exhibits obsessive-compulsive behaviour. She also said that he has limited communication skills, and cannot control himself in stressful situations or leave the house alone. She added that he must be in the care of his family at all times and cannot find work due to his illness.

However, the court was convinced that Punyaphat could challenge the charges and that he did not need to see a psychiatrist because he himself was able to speak.

The nonprofit iLaw reported that a report from the probation officer did not mention Punyaphat’s mental illness, although his lawyers used his mental state to fight the charges. His condition is also said to be the reason why Punyaphat and his family decided to confess as he appears to have communication and personality issues.

Punyaphat’s lawyers paid bail to appeal the charges and added that sending him to prison would prevent treatment for his mental condition.

He was released on bail with a bond of 225,000 baht.

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Nong Nooch Gardens in Pattaya are setting up their own marijuana nursery

Nong Nooch Gardens in Pattaya are setting up their own marijuana nursery

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden had noticed that there is money, a lot of money to be made with growing cannabis, as a pilot they started growing va. 42 types of cannabis plants in an outdoor garden. Along with its orchids and rare flowers, Pattaya’s Nong Nooch Tropical Garden will soon be growing marijuana.

The tourist attraction signed a research agreement with Burapha University and CBD Siam Hemp Co on June 20. to research the medical use of cannabis and hemp.

Burapa University President Watcharin Kasalak, Nong Nooch Director Kampol Tansacha and Nititham Pongthanakul Director of CBD Siam Hemp announced that the park will plant 42 strains of cannabis in an outdoor garden.

Under the agreement, Nong Nooch and CBD Siam Hemp will provide staff, raw materials, herbal plants, equipment and accommodation for students from the faculties of Allied Health Sciences and Abhaibhubejr Thai Traditional Medicine who will study and research the benefits of cannabis and hemp to be used as medicines.

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Thailand has abolished the wearing of masks

Wearing masks on the streets has become completely voluntary for all residents and visitors to Thailand, with the exception of persons at risk

The corresponding decree was published in the Royal Gazette on June 23 with the indication that it takes effect immediately. As approved at the previous meeting of the Situation Group on Coronavirus in Thailand, wearing masks is required only in places with a high density of people per square meter and poor ventilation, where social distance cannot be maintained. This category includes public transport, markets and concert venues.

Also in Thailand, masks remain mandatory for people at risk of acquiring a coronavirus infection with serious consequences. These are people in the so-called “Group 608”, which according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health includes persons over the age of 60, pregnant women (with a pregnancy period of 12 weeks or more), and people with a number of diseases (chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, neurosauric diseases, cancer, diabetes, and obesity).

Masks are also mandatory for people with confirmed coronavirus or who have had contact with a sick person.

At the same time, since June 23, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ochi has ordered that all provinces of Thailand are from that day a zone of “coronavirus surveillance”, that is, the minimum control and restrictions.

At the same time, simplified rules of entry into the country – the abolition of Thailand Pass and insurance – will take effect only from July 1. Related information was also published in the Royal Gazette. Rules of entry into Thailand for those who have not been vaccinated and do not have a negative test for coronavirus, apparently, will be further clarified in the coming days. Earlier it was said that they would be subjected to random tests at the border.

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At least 30 years in prison demanded against Ghislaine Maxwell, ex of Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell (60), Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and accomplice, has been sentenced to 30 to 55 years in prison. She was found guilty of several charges at the end of last year , including recruiting (underage) girls who were subsequently sexually abused by Epstein.

Maxwell helped her then-partner between 1994 and 2004. According to prosecutors and the victims testifying in the case, she had a significant role in the abuse. She won the trust of young, vulnerable girls, whom she deliberately chose, after which she groomed them and persuaded them to give massages to Epstein. Eventually, the abuse continued. The prosecutors’ document calls her actions “monstrous” and “shockingly predatory. ”

Epstein was himself arrested in July 2019 but committed suicide in his cell a month later. According to Maxwell’s lawyers, she is now wrongly portrayed as a villain, because Epstein can no longer be punished. They argue for a lower prison sentence.

The judge will announce the sentence Maxwell will receive by June 28, but there is a good chance that she will spend the rest of her life behind bars.


  • Jeffrey Epstein was suspected of sexually exploiting and abusing several underage girls. He allegedly lured the underage victims to different houses and had sex with them. He also paid them to arrange new girls for him. Some girls were only 13 years old.
  • The wealthy American was a businessman and had good contacts with influential people such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and other great businessmen. He owned a private island, also called Pedophile Island, where he allegedly sent hundreds of girls and young women. Several well-known figures are said to have made use of his network and the island.
  • Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in July 2019. Ten years earlier, the billionaire had also been jailed for thirteen months for abusing dozens of girls. He then struck a deal with the prosecutor, which saved him from a life sentence.
  • A month after his arrest, Epstein hanged himself in his cell. It is not clear how that could have happened. He had been in a suicide prevention program for several months because of a previous suicide attempt.
  • His death raised many questions and several conspiracy theories arose. How could such a highly secured man commit suicide? Could his death have been faked? There is a docu-series about him on Netflix called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

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Death toll in Afghanistan earthquake rises to 1000

The death toll from last night‘s earthquake in Afghanistan has risen to at least 1,000. More than 1,500 people have been injured and at least 2,000 homes have been destroyed. Rescue efforts have been difficult so far, as the quake struck in a remote area that is difficult to reach.

Due to the heavy rain that fell in the area recently, landslides took place. As a result, the roads in the already difficult rocky area are now even worse. Helicopters are being used to pick up people, others are being treated medically on the ground.

Images are also circulating of people searching by hand through the rubble in the hope of finding victims. It is not clear whether machines will come to help. The number of victims is expected to rise.

The Taliban government has asked for international assistance, stating that there is no money to help those in need. Since the Taliban returned to power last summer, there have been almost no international aid organizations in Afghanistan. Many countries do not dare to cooperate. Japan, Iran and Pakistan have already said they will come to help.

The Afghan Red Crescent, part of the Red Cross, has already come to the rescue. They provide financial aid, medical care, food, drinking water and tents.

The earthquake struck eastern Afghanistan on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, near the border with Pakistan, and measured a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter scale. Most of the victims were in Pakita province, but people were also killed in Khost and Nangarhar.

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GTA 6 contains two main characters and takes place in Vice City, among other places

Ever since Rockstar Games announced that GTA 6 is in development, huge rumours have been circulating about the highly anticipated game every so often. It happened again yesterday when an insider revealed possible details about the story via the gaming website Xfire. For example, GTA 6 would contain two main characters and players will return to Vice City.

The rumours were helped into the world by twitterer Matheusvictorbr, who in the past often released information about other GTA titles. According to the insider, in GTA 6 you play as twins, a brother and sister, who are separated after their parents were killed by a cartel in Brazil in 2003. In the prologue of the game, players get the backstory of the main characters.

The main story is said to be set in modern times. The brother and sister meet again as adults. The brother works as an agent for the DOA, a fictionalized version of the Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), while the sister works her way up the cartel to exact revenge on those responsible for the deaths of their parents.

The insider also reports that GTA 6 would mainly be set in an American city called Carcer City. That’s the same city from the Rockstar game Manhunt. The game would also partially take place in Cuba, Colombia and Vice City.

Another innovation that players can look forward to are destructible buildings. Finally, Matheusvictorbr reports that GTA 6 should see the light of day sometime in 2024.

Rockstar confirmed earlier this year that GTA 6 development is in full swing. “With every new project, our goal is always to significantly improve on what we’ve delivered before. We’re happy to confirm that the development of the next instalment in the series is well underway,” it said in a tweet. from the developer.

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Horrible incident: girl (12)’s hair pulled out of her head by fairground attraction

A 12-year-old girl fell on a fairground ride last Saturday, causing her hair to get caught under a treadmill. The machine caused part of her long hair to be pulled from her head. The incident took place in the North Holland village of Nibbixwoud.

The girl and some friends had entered an attraction where they had to dodge various moving obstacles to finally reach the exit. The attraction is called Beach House and falls under the Fun House category, of which you can find one at almost every fair. The moment the girls got to the assembly line, things went horribly wrong. One of the children tripped and the whole group fell over each other. The 12-year-old girl got stuck under the treadmill with her long hair, causing part of her hair to be ripped from her head.

According to the Noordhollands Dagblad, the parents of the victim find it remarkable that there was no more supervision in the fairground attraction. They also wonder why people are not advised to tie their hair with a rubber band. The girl is very shocked and sad about her hairstyle. “A large bald spot the size of a boomerang has formed, where all the hair has been ripped out,” says her mother. “And we’ll just have to wait and see if the hair growth recovers. For a vain 12-year-old that hits hard.”

The owner of operator JOH Treep/Van der Laan has also responded to the incident to the AD. “We think it’s terrible what happened to this girl. The fairground attraction is inspected every year and we always do our very best to ensure the safest possible experience for everyone. This is a very annoying, but an exceptional incident. Unfortunately, some things are unavoidable if you have an annoying fall.”

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Qatar makes rules clear for World Cup fans: no alcohol and no one-night stands

The World Cup in Qatar does not seem to be a football party as fans are used to. Earlier it became clear that there will be no alcohol available in the state, with the exception of the fan zones and stadiums. The Daily Star now reports that Qatar also wants to avoid one-night stands between fans.

According to the medium, only married couples are allowed to have sex with each other and “no exceptions” will be made during the World Cup. Sex outside of marriage is a crime in Qatar and so is sex with people of the same sex. People who do not comply with this risk a prison sentence of seven years.

To prevent people from having a one-night stand, organizations take measures to make it as difficult as possible. For example, bookings from people with different names who want a hotel room are already rejected. There are also campaigns that showcase the country’s local culture, where openly showing affection is not common. The football association FIFA has emphasized several times that ‘everyone is welcome’ during the World Cup in Qatar, but the question is whether that will actually be the case.

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