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Pattaya police arrest 10 people at gambling party

Pattaya police yesterday arrested 10 people after they blew up a gambling party in Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri province. An undercover agent had tipped off the police that a gambling party was being secretly held in an abandoned area. After the police arrived, the suspected players tried to flee, but the police arrested 10 of them.

Police found gambling paraphernalia including cups, dice, scoreboards, and roosters used in an illegal cockfight. Cockfighting is technically legal in Thailand, but betting on the fights is not. The 20 officers who searched the party were from the Crime Suppression Division. The Pattaya Police Station Superintendent urged people to report any form of illegal gambling in the Pattaya area to the Pattaya Police Station immediately.

Police across Thailand regularly crackdown on players. Last week, the Thai Police Cyber​Taskforce raided a luxury home in Nonthaburi where they believe 10 suspects were helping to facilitate gambling activities. The suspects used the house as a base for four gambling websites that grossed 20 million baht. The task force found the house was linked to 16 other locations in Bangkok that police raided on the same day. The network also reportedly has bases in Songkhla and Chiang Mai.

In February, police arrested 42 people for gambling at an unregistered house in Pathum Thani and at a house in Samut Prakan. Five Samut Prakan police officers were demoted in February for turning a blind eye to gambling operations.

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