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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Pattaya Police continues to crack down on “social” gatherings, not wearing face masks and drinking in public


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Most Thai people have never heard of the proverb: Better a good neighbour than a distant friend, as evidenced by the number of reports of Thai people reporting concerns to the police, these include things like drinking in public, gatherings (even with only two people) and similar events.

Pattaya police have not released an official recent statement (so far), but the previously cancelled roadside checks for drink-driving are making the national police order to stop social gatherings a top priority.

In recent days, copies of fines have been received here and there in the editorial office of this newspaper, which do not lie, including:

  • 6000 baht fine for a beer only near Jomtien Beach.
  • 4000 baht fine for sitting with one person outside his condominium, one person carrying an alcoholic drink.
  • 5000 baht fine for walking on Soi Buakhao with 7-11 bottle of beer in hand.
  • 20,000 baht for a group socializing on the beach enjoying alcohol.
  • 6000 baht for not wearing a mouth mask while cycling.

Your news bear Olleke Bolleke would like to emphasize that these claims have not been verified for truth, but based on the evidence presented, they appear to be correct.

Pattaya Police have stressed many times that social gatherings or public drinking, especially partying and alcohol-related, are currently prohibited under the Emergency Decree.

Pattaya, the tourist city in the east of Thailand, is traditionally the setting for cosy relaxation, such as with a drink, one lady (or a boy) at hand. But none of that is currently allowed in this coastal town.

Police are also trying to prevent incidents reported last year from re-emerging, such as certain markets in Jomtien and Soi Buakhao becoming “meeting places” despite Covid19 regulations requiring people to buy alcohol from 7-11 and “hang out” in the neighbourhood.

In reality, in Pattaya and as in many cities around the world, public intoxication is simply prohibited but rarely enforced. As for social gatherings, it appears that law enforcement is using emergency measures to enforce this behaviour.

The official “advice” from the Chonburi Department of Public Health is that people should stay at home, work from home if possible and socialize at home only with members of their own households.

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