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Pattaya taxis starts a fight with Grab Car driver again!

The incident took place around 2 pm on the 24th of this month in Pattaya city. A group of Pattaya taxis surrounded the car of a Grab driver which ending up in a fight on the road. The police had to intervene in the fight and ended up charging both parties.

The 3-minute video was posted on Social Media, the video helps us understand what happened and how did the fight start. At first, the group of taxi drivers went in to block off the Grab car driver. The taxi drivers then attacked the Grab car driver, this has caused Netizens to comment on the taxi drivers action as being very unreasonable.

The incident took place in front of a convenience store in South Pattaya. The Grab Car driver was driving a gold Nissan March. As the Grab driver was parking his car in front of the convenience store, three taxis came and parked around the gold Nissan March, blocking off any exits.

The 3 taxi drivers and the Grab driver then came out of their cars and started fighting. The police came and stopped the fight before anything bad would happen. All 4 of the drivers were brought in to the Pattaya city police for further investigation of the incident.

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