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Video: Pattaya under water following two hours of heavy rain

The seaside city of Pattaya was under water early Tuesday afternoon following two hours of heavy downpours.

The rains started at about 11am and continued for two hours, leaving most roads under water between 30 centimetres and one metre deep, as the rainwater could not be drained fast enough.

Several sections of road were impassable to passenger cars.

Sukhumvit Road, which runs through Pattaya, was under water more than a metre deep, which made it impassable for both cars and motorcycles.

Police and Pattaya city officials had to set up barricades to prevent motorists from trying to enter the flooded sections, after several cars suffered engine breakdowns in the deep water.

Several roads in the heart of Pattaya were under water 30cm to 50cm deep, including Pattaya 3 Road, Soi Bua Khao and Pattaya Beach Road.

Officials expected the water to flow into the sea about an hour after the rains stopped.

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