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Naklua Soi 18/1 exemplifies Pattaya’s garbage crisis

Pattaya’s Garbage Crisis: No street shows how badly Pattaya is coping with its growing mountain of garbage than Naklua Soi 18/1.

Even if it were possible to stroll down the sidewalks – it’s not, due to trees that have fallen on them – pedestrians have to traipse through piles of rotting rubbish, plastic bags, food scraps and leaves. At night most the bulbs are burned out, leaving it dark.

Neighbors have had enough and are demanding Pattaya City Hall do its job and clean the streets, fix the lights and trim the trees.

With a number of hotels nearby, Soi 18/1 paints an ugly picture of Pattaya for tourists.

The street is only one of many plagued by garbage. Pattaya has been incapable of picking up trash regularly and, when it does, doesn’t have enough places to dump it.

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