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Peeping Tom pokes head into mall bathroom stall and rubs pooping man’s leg (VIDEO)

A creeped out victim took to Facebook after a peeping tom poked their head into a mall bathroom stall and groped his leg.

If that made you shudder, wait until you see the video.

Facebook user Yong Yutch posted about the cringe-worthy incident that occured in an unidentified mall in Nakhon Sawan Province.

Though the post has since been deleted, the internet has already worked its dark, dark magic.

Netizens all over the country are sharing the disturbing clip that shows the peeping tom sneaking a glance from the gap between the partition and then the floor before reaching out with their hand to casually stroke the going-man’s leg.


In an interview with Daily News, Yong Yutch alleged that this was not his first experience with a stall peeper. The previous time involved a different peeping tom and he flipped out (as one would) at the perpetrator, who denied everything and got away with it.

That’s why this time he decided to power through the stroking in order to film the incident as evidence.

When Yong Yutch finally exited the stall, intending to call security, he spotted the peeping tom quickly running away. Though he tried to follow, he apparently couldn’t catch up due to his, alleged, short sightedness.

Talk about an anti-climatic ending huh?

“He’s probably still studying because he was wearing a university student uniform” says Yong Yutch.

“I’ve already reported it to the mall, who said that this was common here”.

Wow. And the award for the worst mall of 2018 goes to…

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