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Your pet cat may be a ringworm carrier


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Ringworm Carrier: The Public Health Ministry has warned pet owners to beware of ringworm from their cats.


Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, the ministry’s deputy permanent secretary and spokesman, said on Sunday that people could get ringworm from their cats.

“Even if your cats don’t have any symptoms, they might still be carriers,” he said, after word spread on social media about cats infecting humans with ringworm.

Common symptoms are raised red, scaly and itchy patches that may spread. Treatment with anti-fungal medication takes between two and four weeks.

He also recommended that owners have their cats undergo regular health checks and have them vaccinated.

“If cats bite and scratch you, clean your wound immediately and rush to a doctor,” he said.

He said cat owners should not allow their pets to lick them or lick food containers.

“Also don’t allow your cats to mingle with animals outside the house,” he said.

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