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Phalang Pracharat, Pheu Thai run neck-and-neck in vote count


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Pheu Thai and Phalang Pracharat appeared to be running neck-and-neck as ballots were being counted on Sunday evening.

As of 9.28pm, with 90 per cent of the votes counted, the pro-junta Phalang Pracharat appeared to have beaten Shinawatra-backed Pheu Thai with a total of 147 seats – 92 constituency MPs and 55 party-list.

Pheu Thai came in a close second with 143 seats – 127 constituency MPs and 16 party-list – beating Phalang Pracharat in terms of constituency seats.

Yet, when the ballot count hit 91 per cent, Pheu Thai had moved forward with 153 seats, while Phalang Pracharat ended with 142 seats.

Results for the rest of the parties on the third to fifth place did not vary much.

Political debutante Future Forward made major inroads, becoming the third biggest party with 85 seats – 29 for constituency MPs and 56 for party-list. Future Forward appears to have won the most party-list seats.

Bhumjaithai came in fourth with 54 seats – 43 constituency MPs and 11 from party-list, while the oldest party, the Democrats, suffered a huge loss, winning just 35 constituency MP seats and none for party-list MPs.

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