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Phitsanulok hospital apologises as clip of violent nurse goes viral

Phitsanulok Hospital: Chiefs at one of Thailand’s largest public hospitals called an emergency press conference on Tuesday after a video clip of a patient suffering rough treatment in its intensive care unit went viral.


The 18-second clip had been posted just hours earlier by a Facebook user, but triggered an outpouring of anger that forced Buddhachinaraj Hospital to respond.

The hospital’s deputy director, Doctor Wisit Sathienwanthanee, and acting chief of nurses Siriporn Siriwatanapaisal held a press conference to apologise and explain what had happened.

The clip showed a nurse throwing a blanket on an aged patient, then violently yanking him from the left side of the bed to the middle before shoving a sheet under his head.

By Wednesday morning, the clip had been viewed more than 7 million times and been shared over 187,000 times. It had received more than 87,000 reactions and over 46,000 comments criticising the nurse.

Wisit explained that the patient was 90 years old and receiving treatment for pulmonary emphysema.


He said the nurse felt very sorry over the incident and could not come out to give an interview.

The nurse will face a disciplinary probe, he added, and might be transferred to a job that does not require contact with patients.

Wisit said the nurse might have been overstressed at having to care for a lot of patients. Buddhachinaraj Hospital is the third largest public hospital in the country, with thousands of patients under its care.

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