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‘Photos of tortured woman found on phone found at Taghi’


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Ridouan Taghi’s phone is said to contain photos of a naked, tortured woman. According to Het Parool, a Blackberry phone was found during Taghi’s arrest in Dubai in 2019. There were several shocking photos on it.

Justice suspects that it concerns photos of Naima Jillal. She is also known as the ‘Godmother of coke’ and has been missing since October 2019, after she got into a car at her home on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Het Parool reports that the photos show, among other things, a naked woman, who is tied to a chair with tape. Another photo would show a clipped finger and toe on the woman’s stomach. A third photo shows the woman naked on the floor, lying on her stomach.

According to the police, the photos were taken on the night of October 20 to 21, 2019, just after midnight. The police were able to determine this from the metadata. Jillal went missing around 9:30 PM on October 20, 2019, after getting into a car. Het Parool writes that there have been rumours for some time about photos of a dead Jillal circulating in the criminal circuit. Insiders would have said that they are very shocking because they include severed limbs.

In a response to Het Parool, Taghi’s lawyer Inez Weski says that “forensically it is completely unclear where that phone or those photos come from”. She also says that “it cannot be said that this phone can be linked to my client”. Weski continues: “It has already been reported in the media that such photos would be circulated. Moreover, all this has nothing to do with the alleged facts. It is very remarkable that this has been brought out in this way.”

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