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Phuket police are on the trail of the Indian gangster’s killers

Phuket police say they have CCTV footage of two gunmen in Phuket shooting an Indian man with a history of criminal activity.

Investigators revealed that the footage showed two barefoot men wearing white hooded jackets and shorts emerging from the bushes at 10:56 pm on Friday, February 4, approaching the victim in front of his villa on Rawai Beach at 10:56 pm..

The killers fired multiple shots at the 32-year-old Indian man, named Jimi Sandhu alias “Slice”, before fleeing the crime scene.

His body was found the next morning in the villa’s parking lot.

According to police, Sandhu entered Thailand on January 27 with a fake Canadian passport called “Mandeep Singh”. She stated that Sandhu owned the villa.

Police have now assembled 20 detective teams to investigate profiles, criminal records and possible motives of the killers, a source said.

The investigative team found the white coats worn by the suspects in a rubber plantation about 2 kilometres from the crime scene, and they have been sent to the police’s Forensic Science Center pending DNA test results.

People with links to the dead man have since been called for questioning, police said.

They said Sandhu was born in India in 1990 and moved to Canada in 1997, where he lived with relatives in the British Columbia town of Abbotsford. At the age of 20, he was wanted by Indian police in connection with 14 illegal drug factories operating in three states in western India. The drugs produced there were smuggled to Canada, Africa and Thailand.

Police said Sandhu was also a member of two gangs in Canada, both involved in illegal drugs.

According to police, Sandhu was deported from Canada in 2016 for illegal drug dealing and other related crimes, including assault, illegal possession of weapons and being a gang member.

He has since been believed to have travelled back and forth between Dubai and Southeast Asia.

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