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Pink Tower And Giant Dragon Bangkok Thailand



The title of this article (Pink Tower and Giant Dragon) sounds like a scene from a fairy tale. But in this case, it’s not. In the Samphran District sits one of Thailand’s most unique temples. Wat Samphran is a pink shrine dedicated to the Buddhist faith and measures 260 feet, or 80 meters high, representing the age of Buddha when he died.

While the temple is known for the giant encircling dragon, the meaning remains a mystery. Bhavana Buddho, the founder of the temple, was inspired to create the hollow dragon building during a seven-day fasting meditation. Construction took only five years.

Visitors can climb the stairs of the 17-story temple to touch the dragon’s beard, or they can climb inside the belly of the beast. This temple is a must visit for people looking to discover something truly one of a kind.

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