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Woman Reveals Horror After Having ‘Instant Plump’ Bum Injections Removed


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 Body modification seems to be more accepted than ever nowadays, although there are still many worrying examples of extreme measures wreaking havoc on people’s bodies. That includes what happened to one woman in Atlanta, who has spoken out about the complications from having ‘instant plump’ silicon bum injections removed – the process of which left her ‘completely disfigured’.

Instagram model Janelle Butler said that she was left feeling severely insecure as she struggled with postpartum depression, following the birth of her second child in 2009.

That was when she decided to look into potential bum augmentation procedures, many of which were available cheaply and easily.

“All the girls are doing it. It’s cheap. Call this person, they meet you, you can get a hotel room, they can come to your house,” she told CBS46

Butler opted for hydrogel silicone bum implants, which give you ‘an instant plump’.

“It just kept getting bigger, my butt,” she said.

“I started to lift weights and build muscle, and do all that stuff. I would think, ‘God, I wish I didn’t have this silicone in my butt.'”

In the end, Butler made the call to have the procedure reversed and in January, a TV show called Doctors paid for the surgery.

However, almost instantly, things turned bad.

“Within 24 hours after surgery, I blacked out and I was in the ER because I had lost so much blood,” Butler explained.

Bum Injections

She then developed necrosis – blackening of the skin – which causes cells to die.

“The necrosis took skin tissue and almost some of my muscle all the way,” she said.

“They had to take it down to my muscle, like, they had to scoop out the dead tissue.”

Bum Injections

The necrosis left Butler with a hole the size of a fist on each bum cheek – not to mention the excruciating pain that came with it.

Now Butler says she needs more surgery to ‘look normal’.

“I don’t look normal right now. I am completely disfigured. I have to wear butt lifters and butt pads,” she continued.

“I don’t want my daughter growing up to live up to these false expectations… I would just tell them to embrace those insecurities, practice daily affirmations of self-love because that’s where it initially starts.”

These days, Butler makes appearances across the country to warn women of the unknown risks of surgeries like hers, and also plans to release her own documentary.

Source: Lad Bible

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