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Police called after man BLOWS HIS NOSE on a bus

More evidence of the herd mentality is revealed after citizens ‘gang up’ on a man who blew is nose into a tissue IN PUBLIC.

If anymore evidence is needed to demonstrate the ‘new normal’ police were called on a 60-year-old man on a Bangkok bus after he blew his nose into a tissue.

Fellow passengers, it is reported, were so disgusted by this behaviour that the driver was forced to stop the bus and attempted to throw the passenger off.

The man quite rightly refused to disembark leading to a stand-off, during which police were called.

Meanwhile many passengers were so shocked that were compelled to flee the scene.

That’s right folks – people have now been so terrified of a flu virus with a 99.4% survival rate that they are prepared to turn against each other with such ease and actually call the police on a man who blows his nose.

Worse still, the police will actually turn up and remonstrate with the offender.

Meanwhile the story blows up and goes viral across Social Media with Thais competing on line to be the most critical and disgusted with the poor fellow.

What next, jail time for those who cough and sneeze in public around this strange new world?

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