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Police chase in Sing Buri ends with massive meth haul

A police chase in Sing Buri in the early hours of Sunday ended with the tyre of a pickup truck shot to ribbons, two suspected drug runners arrested and 10 million methamphetamine tablets seized.


Police gave chase when the drivers of two pickups failed to stop at a checkpoint in front of a market in Bang Rachan district at about 1am.

The cops had been tipped off that a drug shipment was on the way.

Pursuing officers shot out the left rear tyre of one pickup, causing the driver to lose control and swerve to a stop. The two men inside were arrested.

Police found more than 50 sacks of meth tablets in one truck, each containing about 200,000 pills.

In custody at Bang Rachan Police Station are Weeranil sae Ma, 30, and Prasit Chaipattanayothin, 24, both Chiang Rai natives.

Police said they confessed to being paid to transport the drugs and claimed there were accomplices driving ahead of them scouting for police roadblocks.

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