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Police hunt mystery biker who ‘randomly’ tossed chilies into Mercedes driver’s eyes (PHOTOS)


Police Hunt Mystery Biker: A Mercedes driver met with Bangkok investigators yesterday after an unidentified motorcyclist splashed water infused with ground chilies into her face as they were both at a red light on Thursday night — an attack the victim says was completely random.

Wassana Wasaratchawet, 48, who’s now out of the hospital after sustaining inflamed corneas in both eyes, went to Bang Sue police yesterday to provide further details on the incident, reported Khaosod.

Photo: Facebook/ Faii Sawatdisarn

According to Wassana, she stopped at an intersection on Kamphaeng Phet Road in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district on Thursday night, when a woman, who Wassana believed to be in her late 20s, knocked on her window.

When Wassana lowered the window, believing the motorcyclist wanted to ask her for directions, the unidentified biker instead doused her face with the chili water concoction.

Wassana said she felt a hot, burning sensation in her skin and eyes afterwards. She, reportedly, managed to drive home with some difficulty, then rushed to Hua Chiew Hospital when a shower did nothing to stem the pain.

Photo: Facebook/ Faii Sawatdisarn

Wassana told local reporters that she has no idea who the perpetrator could befor she “doesn’t have any conflicts with anyone.”

“I really do not know the reason behind this attack,” she said.

Pol. Lt. Sutat Geaowsomsri, a deputy inspector of Bang Sue Police, said officials are currently checking CCTV cameras to track down the perpetrator.

He said that police have identified the color and brand of motorcycle that resembled Wassana’s description. However, they do not yet know the license plate, who it belongs to, or where the driver was headed. (Well, that’s not very helpful, huh?)

As of publication, the chili-water thrower remains at large. Stay safe out there, Bangkok.

Photo: Facebook/ Faii Sawatdisarn
Photo: Facebook/ Faii Sawatdisarn
Photo: Facebook/ Faii Sawatdisarn



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