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Prayuth unhappy with people’s ‘endless requests for money’

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged government officials to help people understand how the government works and its limitations, as he faces endless requests for money.

Addressing a seminar on national strategy implementation organised by the Office of the Civil Service Commission in Nonthaburi province on Monday, Gen Prayut said that in his upcountry trips, people always sought money giveaways from him and asked why his government had not handed out money in their areas.

“People still do not understand. The government was asked why it did not give 5,000 baht to each person. They asked why the government does not hand out money because they don’t have any during flooding. Is this possible? Why do people not understand?” Gen Prayut said.

“People are familiar with what they used to get without considering if that was right or wrong and such requests continue,” the prime minister said.

He said that the government could not afford such requests and would have to implement transparent procedures to work out assistance for people.

Gen Prayut asked officials in the seminar to create understanding among people and enable them to learn how to help themselves. Otherwise, solutions from the government would fail eventually even if the government had enough money, he said.

Gen Prayut also complained about social media users blaming his government for flooding. The actual cause was torrential rain, he said.


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