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Horror as chef is found preparing PET FOOD meat for customers at an Indian restaurant – and he thought it was lamb because he couldn’t read the label on the box

  • An Indian restaurant has been fined over preparing pet meat in their kitchen 
  • They say the pet food was never served to customers
  • Health inspectors walked into the restaurant just as chef was preparing the meat
  • The restaurant says chef couldn’t read English, with the box labelled ‘pet meat’

An Indian restaurant has been hit with thousands of dollars in fines after pet meat was found in the kitchen.

Cafe Marica, in Perth’s southern suburb of Canning Vale, was ordered on Wednesday to pay nearly $14,000 in fines and court costs.

Owner Kopikaran Krishnasamy defended his restaurant, saying the meat was never served to people.

He also made the stunning claim it was not pet meat and only labelled so to avoid tighter food regulations.

A spokesman for the business said the meat came to be in the kitchen because a chef couldn’t properly read English.

‘We usually buy our lamb from reputable buyers such as Woolworths or Coles,’ he told the Armadale Community News

But on this instance they didn’t when a customer recommended a different wholesale producer to the chef.

The mystery meat arrived in their kitchen in a box labelled ‘pet meat’, but the chef was unable to read it.

The chef began preparing the meat as if it were lamb, at the exact time a City of Gosnells food inspection officer entered the restaurant.

The restaurant claimed the salesman they bought the meat from put it in a bag labelled for pets to avoid tighter regulations.

The business was fined $12,000, with an additional $1382.30 in costs for failing to prevent pet meat being handled in where food was sold.


Cafe Marica: Fined a total $12000 plus $1382 in court costs for having opened pet meat on the premises. 

Origin Kebabs, Warnbro: $50,000 plus $3000 costs for failing to store potentially hazardous food at the right temperature and cleanliness breaches.

Good Fortune Roast, Bayswater: $50,000 plus costs of $1747 for paperwork breaches and running an unregistered food business and issues with potential for contaminated foods.

Yeo’s Oriental Store, Cloverdale: $20,000 and $1747 in costs for food labelling offences. 

Hokka Hokka, Perth CBD: Fines of $35,000 and $1340 in costs for sale of unsuitable food and failure to maintain equipment. 

IGA Xpress, St James – $10,000 plus $2500 costs for offences relating to used-by dates and storing potentially hazardous food under temperature control. 

West Road Deli, Bassendean – $15,000 for a variety of breaches related to cleanliness, temperature control and pest prevention.

Nando’s Northbridge – $20,000 for breaches related to premises and equipment cleanliness, plus prevention and eradication of pests.

Nando’s Belmont – $20,000 for failing to maintain food premises and equipment to a standard of cleanliness.

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