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Prison director fled along with US murder suspect


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There is currently great panic in the American state of Alabama. A dangerous murder suspect escaped from a prison in the city of Florence last weekend and was found to be on the run with the deputy director of the prison.

The 38-year-old murder suspect, Casey Cole White, left his cell in handcuffs accompanied by prison director Vicky White (56), according to security images. The two left in an official car that was later found in a parking lot. It is not known whether they fled on foot afterwards. It is also unclear whether Vicky helped the murder suspect voluntarily or if she was forced to do so. Last Friday, the day of the escape, she was to do her last shift and retire.

According to witnesses, Vicky said she had to take Casey to the courthouse for a hearing. However, there was no meeting at all. According to Vicky’s family, the headmistress has never done anything wrong. Nor can they believe that she has run away with the murder suspect.

The police have launched a major search for the prisoner and the prison director. The United States Marshals Service, a federal law enforcement agency, is offering a $10,000 reward for the golden tip leading to their arrest. The police warn not to approach the two, since they are armed and the murder suspect is extremely dangerous.

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