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Monday, June 21, 2021

Private hospitals in Thailand will charge a standard price for the Covid19 vaccinations


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The Thai Association of Private Hospitals in Thailand has announced that the Covid19 vaccines will be offered at a standard price, including insurance for possible side effects.

The president of this association, Dr Chalerm Harnpanich said the reason the price will be set the same across the country is to get as many people vaccinated as possible, not to make a profit.

As for the manufacturers, US-based Moderna is in the process of filing for registration with the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after filing its application on April 19.

He said the association will gauge demand for paid vaccines and inform the governmental pharmaceutical organization (GPO), which buys manufacturers’ stocks of vaccines. To avoid confusion, private hospitals should not open vaccination bookings until they have their supplies in the house.

Dr Chalerm said that before pricing can be determined, the cost of the vaccine should be known, adding that discussions were also being held with insurance companies and coverage would begin immediately after the first of two doses were administered. The insurance would then be valid for 90 days and cost no more than 100 baht.

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