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Qatar makes rules clear for World Cup fans: no alcohol and no one-night stands


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The World Cup in Qatar does not seem to be a football party as fans are used to. Earlier it became clear that there will be no alcohol available in the state, with the exception of the fan zones and stadiums. The Daily Star now reports that Qatar also wants to avoid one-night stands between fans.

According to the medium, only married couples are allowed to have sex with each other and “no exceptions” will be made during the World Cup. Sex outside of marriage is a crime in Qatar and so is sex with people of the same sex. People who do not comply with this risk a prison sentence of seven years.

To prevent people from having a one-night stand, organizations take measures to make it as difficult as possible. For example, bookings from people with different names who want a hotel room are already rejected. There are also campaigns that showcase the country’s local culture, where openly showing affection is not common. The football association FIFA has emphasized several times that ‘everyone is welcome’ during the World Cup in Qatar, but the question is whether that will actually be the case.

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