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Pattaya police scramble to quell chaotic Terminal 21 traffic

Pattaya traffic police are scrambling to quash the congestion caused by the opening of the new Terminal 21 shopping mall.

The Oct. 19 opening of the new mall on Phettrakul Road at North Road brought traffic Armageddon to North Pattaya, with many of those caught up in the gridlock venting their frustration online.

Traffic inspector Pol. Maj. Aruth Sapanon downplayed the opening weekend madness, saying it was just the initial crush of huge crowds there for the first few days.

However, he said authorities are taking steps to improve traffic flowing near the new mall by painting curbs as “no parking” zones from the Best Supermarket to the Phettrakul intersection.

Jaywalking pedestrians also are to blame, he said, so crosswalks will be repainted and those on foot urged to cross only on them.

Finally, orange cones will be placed to sort traffic during rush hour, much as is done near Central Festival Pattaya Beach, another huge mall placed on busy streets with narrow access roads to parking leading to terrible backups on weekends and holidays.

The long-term solution to the Terminal 21 traffic mess, Aruth said, would be to completely reopen the Dolphin Roundabout and get the mall itself to do more to control its traffic.

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