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Regional parliamentarians appalled by Myanmar violence, urge immediate action

Southeast Asian lawmakers have today expressed revulsion at the violence being deployed by Myanmar security forces against peaceful demonstrators, called for an immediate end to the state’s violence against its people, and for international actors to use all avenues at their disposal to intervene. 

“The scenes emerging from Myanmar are sickening, and come straight out of the playbook of this callous and murderous military.” said Charles Santiago, Chair of ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR), and a Malaysian Member of Parliament (MP). “When will the Myanmar military stop? Are they aiming to kill or arrest the 80 percent of the country that voted to get them out of Myanmar’s politics in November?” 

An estimated 50 people have been killed since the February 1 coup, including at least 38 on March 3 in the bloodiest day yet, according to the UN. Numerous videos shared on social media show the brutal tactics of the military, including authorities shooting into crowds and buildings, as well as beating people that have been arbitrarily arrested.

“The world cannot stand idly by as the military guns down its people, and attempts to return the country to full-scale isolationist rule. We cannot allow another generation of Myanmar youths to lose their lives, and their hope for the future, to this military,” Santiago said.

APHR joins Myanmar civil society in urging  the UN Security Council to immediately send an intervention and monitoring mission to Myanmar, and for immediate targeted sanctions to be placed against the military and its economic holdings.

All actors, including ASEAN, must do everything at their disposal to urge the military to end the violence there, for all those arbitrarily detained to be released, and for the will of the Myanmar people to be respected, APHR said.

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