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Remarkable fish with ‘human teeth’ caught in US


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Remarkable fish with ‘human teeth’ caught in US

It looks like a photoshop, but it isn’t. The fish with ‘human teeth’ in the photo above, which is going around the world this week, is real and was caught earlier this week in the US.

It is a sheep’s head bream: a common species off the east coast of the US, Mexico and Canada. And the unsuspecting angler, professional fisherman or visitor to an aquarium who sees the sheep’s head bream can easily miss why the species makes the rest of the world laugh so much.

Until he or she takes the trouble to look the fish in the mouth. But at Jennette’s Pier in North Carolina, where anglers can go, they saw what many professional fishermen haven’t seen for a long time and posted this photo:

The sheep’s head bream is so named because its head resembles a sheep. The fish is caught a lot in the US because it is very tasty, according to Americans.

He uses his remarkable teeth to grind the shells of mussels and oysters.

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