Researchers develop a new super glue capable of healing fatal wounds

Researchers develop a new super glue capable of healing fatal wounds

Researchers develop a new super glue capable of healing fatal wounds

The glue is fixed in seconds and can prevent patients from bleeding at the operating tables.
Scientists have developed an ultra-resistant glue, capable of repairing fatal injuries in a matter of seconds.

The bio-gel has the ability to prevent patients in surgical procedures from bleeding; It dramatically reduces recovery time and can be used in war zones or accidents to save the lives of the injured.

The glue is activated with ultraviolet light by immediately gluing and sealing wet tissues without the need for stitches or sutures.

Researchers have managed to close incisions and holes up to 6 millimeters wide in the blood vessels and organs of pigs in just 20 seconds.

Subsequently, three of the pigs were monitored for a period of two weeks and recovered completely without abnormalities or side effects.

The author of this glue is Professor Hongwei Ouyang, who hopes that his glue is available and approved for human use within the next three to five years.

So far, the bio-gel has proven to be strong enough to withstand pumping and force inside the pumping chambers in the hearts and main blood vessels.

“Uncontrollable bleeding is a major problem in surgical procedures and after severe trauma,” said Ouyang, an expert in regenerative therapy. ” Existing coagulation substances poorly control bleeding from arterial and cardiac traumatic wounds because their adhesion is weak in wet and mobile tissues. ”

The bio-gel is composed of water, gelatin and a cocktail of chemicals that are injected into the injured tissue. These components mimic the input structure of cells called the “extracellular matrix,” a complex composition of proteins and other molecules. When exposed to UV light, the glue hardens quickly.

Ouyang goes on to say that the potential applications for gel are unlimited, from surgery to the battlefield or civil catastrophes, whether accidental or deliberate.

“It can be easily applied in any condition and can stop any serious bleeding that current medical gel products can not stop.”

Additional studies are being planned to confirm the safety of glue in humans.

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