Home News Romance scam for foreigners, arrest of two Thai women!

Romance scam for foreigners, arrest of two Thai women!

Romance scam

Police arrested two Thai women in Pattaya yesterday, April 1, 2021, on suspicion of romance scams against foreigners and defrauding money.

The Pattaya News, a local media outlet in Pattaya, reports.

Yesterday, April 1, 2021, the Nongpur police station accused Kitthiwa Saehan, a 25-year-old Thai woman of “Goy,” of romance scams against foreigners, and 31-year-old Thailand. He announced that he had arrested two women, Karuna Kaewthet, also known as “Nam,” and seized many bank cards and ATM cards.

Chitdaecha Songhong, chief of the Nongpur police station, explained to The Pattaya News that a large number of foreigners have reported damage in this romance scam case.

The victim’s foreigner thought that he could have a lover on the Internet and transferred the money, but in reality, it is believed to have been committed by a group of fraudulent groups that straddle Thailand and Africa.

When the victims transferred money, the suspects withdrew 3-5% of the commission and sent the rest to the fraudulent group.

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