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Royal Gazette announces new traffic ticket and payments methods this month

New designs have been released by the Royal Thai police along with new traffic fines and regulations that went live from November 1st of this month

The Royal Thai Police has released new designs of traffic tickets in the Royal Gazette along with new traffic fines and regulations to be implemented nationwide from November 1 onwards of this month.

There will be two different types of traffic tickets issued by traffic police.

The first type of tickets will be placed onto the vehicle as soon as the vehicle is found to be violating the law.

The tickets will contain four copies that are printed in white, yellow, pink, and blue. The white copy belongs to the vehicle owner and the rest of the copies will be distributed to the traffic police and other authorities for record. The tickets will also be bi-lingual for both English and Thai speaking people.

PHOTO: Royal Gazette

The second type of ticket will be sent to an address where the vehicle’s location is registered. This will contain two copies. One copy will be sent to the owners home address and the other copy is kept with the police officer that issued the ticket

PHOTO: Royal Gazette

Traffic lawbreakers who receive any of those tickets are required to pay a fine within a due date specified on the ticket at the police station where the ticket is issued, or at the relevant agency issuing the ticket, or at any police station nationwide.

A fine can also now be paid within 2 days after receiving a ticket via an electronic transaction, credit card, or other methods such as ATM, Internet Banking, or any money service where the “PTM” sign is displayed.

If ticket receivers have not paid their fine within a given period, they will be charged for violating the Traffic Road Act B.E.2522 and will be fined not exceeding 1,000 baht.

PHOTO: Royal Gazette

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