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Russia attacks Ukrainian nuclear power plant but misses: reactors not damaged


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Russia attacked the Yuzhno-Ukrainsk nuclear power plant in the southern Ukrainian region of Mykolaiv last night, but without success. The explosion occurred just 300 meters from the nuclear power plant, but the three reactors were not damaged, Ukrainian state energy company Energoatom reported.

While the attack caused no damage to the nuclear power plant itself, it did damage the buildings in the area surrounding the nuclear power plant. For example, the nearby hydroelectric power station was damaged and three high-voltage power lines were shut down. In addition, hundreds of windows were broken due to the shock wave from the powerful explosion. Energoatom reports that it has stopped at material damage and there have been no casualties.

The nuclear power plant is the second largest in Ukraine and supplies about five million inhabitants with electricity. Russia previously targeted the country’s largest nuclear power plant. It was shut down and disconnected from the power grid after being damaged by repeated attacks last week. The plant is now in Russian occupied territory and is said to be used by the Russians as a storage area for military vehicles and weapons.

Russia has not yet responded to the attack, but Mykolaiv has been the target of several Russian missile strikes in the past week. State energy company Energatom is very concerned about these attacks and in a statement accuses Russia of nuclear terrorism. “This must be stopped immediately to prevent a disaster.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky also responded to the attack via Telegram. He argues that Russia is endangering the whole world. “The invaders wanted to fire again, but they forgot what a nuclear power plant is. We have to stop them before it’s too late.”

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