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Russian arrested in Pattaya on suspicion of selling drugs


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A Russian citizen was arrested in Pattaya on suspicion of selling drugs and extorting money from people.

Garanin Konstantin, 42, was arrested in the Spanish Place condominium and during the search of his condo the police had found, 1.57 grams of crystalline methamphetamine and property worth 5 million baht was also found and seized, which according to police, had been obtained illegally.

The arrest came after the police received a report from an anonymous concerned citizen that the suspect was selling drugs to foreigners in Pattaya and prostitutes. Allegedly, he exchanged doses of methamphetamine for sex with fellow countrywomen leading a riotous lifestyle.

The police organized live bait fishing, and one of the foreign volunteers agreed with Garanin by phone to sell one dose of methamphetamine weighing 0.75 grams for one thousand baht. During the transaction, police burst into the room and arrested the Russian.

The police said that Konstantin had come to Pattaya six years ago. At the moment he is charged with illegal possession of drugs of the first category for the purpose of selling, as well as the illegal use of drugs of the fifth category (cannabis). It is possible that additional charges will be brought forward in the future.

It is not known whether Konstantin has a lawyer, he refused to communicate with the press and did not make statements confirming or refuting the alleged charge.

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