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Russian Nikolay Rybalov, who robbed an exchange office in Thailand, returned home


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Rybalov served 4 years instead of 9 in a Thai prison for robbing a currency exchange office and beating up a cashier and has now returned to Russia

The high-profile crime was committed in April 2018. Nikolai Rybalov, a native of the Chelyabinsk region, attacked a cashier at a currency exchange office in Thailand, severely beat the girl and took 1 million baht with him, the amount equivalent at the time to two million rubles.

At 8.37 a.m. on April 14, the man waited until a female employee of the currency exchange pavilion opposite the Ambassador Hotel in Pattaya came to work and started to open the door of the kiosk. The Russian burst into the room attacked the employee, threw her to the floor and punched her in the face at least 10 times. Then the attacker grabbed a bag from the woman’s shoulder and quickly left the scene.

Rybalov was detained the same day. A short time later he was arrested at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport while trying to leave the country. Rybalov’s wife was also detained; she was convicted by a Thai court as an accomplice to the crime and spent two and a half years behind bars in the Sunshine Country. At the end of her sentence, the woman told the local media that she was jailed with the mistress of the King of Thailand, who helped her overcome the hardships of imprisonment.

Nikolai Rybalov was sentenced to 9 years in prison but was recently released early, and at the end of March of this year, he returned home to the Urals. On his page in the social network he publishes photos which show that behind bars in Thailand, the man did sports and is quite fit, although he lost some weight.

Nikolay Rybalov and his wife on the eve of the trial in Thailand
Nikolay Rybalov and his wife on the eve of the trial in Thailand

He also managed to “sit with a celebrity”, for a time together with him in the cell was the scandalous sex coach Alex Leslie, arrested by Pattaya police for conducting so-called love lessons for compatriots in a hotel in the city.

Now that both members of the family, the figures in the Thai robbery, have returned to their homeland from detention, they are in no hurry to share their plans, reportedly told by Nicholas’ wife that they are not together now.

“It was like something broke off in my soul, my world collapsed. I realized that this was the end. And I was very much afraid for my daughter. Scared that I would lose her,” she told Chelyabinsk journalists.

It should be noted that after her parents were arrested in Thailand, the Rybolovs’ 11-year-old daughter was sent to Russia. She was on the plane alone, being looked after by the passengers. Currently, the daughter and her mother live in Chelyabinsk.

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