Russian woman beaten on Thai island of Samui – VIDEO

Russian woman beaten on Thai island of Samui

Ekaterina Kuzmenko, 33, was slapped by a Samui viewing platform employee for refusing to pay the entrance fee

Russian national Ekaterina Kuzmenko went to the police in Samui, Thailand, claiming she had been assaulted by a local man. The girl reported that he had beaten her at an observation deck when she and her friend refused to pay to enter to admire the views of the island.

Kuzmenko said the incident happened on 1 January 2022 at around 3.45 pm at the Overlap Stone lookout. The Russians had decided to take a photo against the island’s popular Overlap Stone when a Thai man approached them and told them they had to buy tickets at 50 baht per person because the site is private property and there is a fixed entry fee.

However, the Russians refused to pay, an argument broke out and then a scuffle ensued, which resulted in the Thai man ripping off Ekaterina Kuzmenko’s sunglasses and gold chain, causing almost 30,000 baht worth of damage, as well as hitting the girl in the face, damaging her nose. The victim went to a hospital on the island, paying 5,920 baht for X-rays and medicines to recover the Russian girl.

Kuzmenko added that she arrived in Thailand on 18 December 2021. In that time, she has been to many places, including Phuket, Krabi and Samui, riding around the island on her motorbike and checking out local tourist attractions. After discovering an unusual rock on Google maps, the girl and her boyfriend decided to visit it to take photos.

The victim said she was hurt and scared when the looker attacked her, she had come to Thailand to travel, go sightseeing and experience the beauty of Samui, not to “fight with local men”: it was my first time coming to this island and now I don’t want to come back here,” she added.

Major General Ativat Marutklao, an inspector of the 5th Tourist Police Station, took the Russian woman’s statement and investigated the incident. He summoned for questioning the Thai man who attacked Kuzmenko, it turned out to be a local 57-year-old Mangkon Hin Mai, who said that about 30 visitors from Russia at that time witnessed the conflict with the tourists, some of them recorded the quarrel on video, shooting what was happening on their mobile phones. They all paid 50 baht each for admission and got an extra “show” for the tickets they had on hand.

Mangkon told the investigator that the Russians reacted rudely to a fair demand for payment to attend Overlap Stone, when he tried to escort the uninvited guests out of the grounds, the girl first shoved him in the shoulder.

The Overlap Stone caretaker couldn’t stand it and hit back: “My instincts are the same as any man’s. I am Thai and I will not allow foreigners to hit me in my own house, I don’t agree with that!” he said, adding that the fee that is charged for entering the landmark goes towards the maintenance of the place, namely repairing the footbridge to the stone, cutting the grass in the said area and so on. It takes care of a total of almost 11 rai of land, which belongs to his Thai boss, and he is just a caretaker hired to carry out these duties.

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