Russian woman beaten up in Pattaya, attackers unknown

Russian woman beaten up in Pattaya, attackers unknown

The victim of a beating in the resort town of Pattaya in Thailand was a Russian citizen, 38-year-old Elena Zyulkova, the perpetrators are wanted

Russian tourist Elena Zyulkova, 38, was taken to Banglamung Hospital after she was found bleeding in shock walking along the road leading to the Mabprachan Reservoir on the outskirts of Pattaya City. The injured Russian woman stopped a motorist and sought help after she was attacked in the Banglamung area on the evening of May 18.

Police and rescue workers were called to the scene around 9:30 p.m., said police Lt. Chachai Rakhamchop, deputy chief of the Nongpra Crime Control Unit.

He confirmed that the victim, Zyulkova, was in a dazed state and was walking along the road to Mabprachan Reservoir in Nongprya Tambon when a passing driver saw her and stopped to help her. Zyulkova was wearing a tracksuit and had head injuries. She had bruises on her neck and abrasions all over her body. When asked what had happened, the woman could not remember.

Officers searched the road and the surrounding area and found a trail of bloodstains extending about 10 meters into the woods by the road, where sneakers and a cell phone belonging to the victim were found.

Kosol Chomchuen, a 36-year-old motorist, told police he was driving home when he saw a woman walking along the road. She signaled for help. The woman was bleeding, and he immediately stopped and called the police.

The victim, Elena Zyulkova, was taken to Banglamung Hospital for medical attention. Local and tourist police are investigating. The investigator stated that the victim’s statement was sketchy, it is unclear why she was attacked and what her attacker wanted. The woman will be questioned again when she is sufficiently recovered.

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