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Russian woman died in Phuket, falling from the balcony on the 8th floor


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Eugenia Smirnova, 37, crashed to her death after falling from the eighth floor of a condominium on Phuket Island

The incident occurred on the night of May 31, the incident was reported to the Patong police at 4:30 am. The caller, an employee of a condominium in the Katu area, reported that the body of a woman, probably a foreign woman of Slavic appearance, was found in the area. The deceased was lying next to the building, apparently having fallen out of the window of the apartment in which she was living.

The police officers arrived and identified the woman as 37-year-old Evgenia Smirnova, a citizen of the Russian Federation. She had rented an apartment on the eighth floor and had been seen the day before her death in the company of several foreigners with whom she had been drinking alcohol.

According to the preliminary version, Smirnova died as a result of head injuries she received from a fall from the balcony, there were also small cuts and scratches on the woman’s body and a clump of hair in her right hand. Investigators sent the body and the evidence found for examination to determine the true cause of death of the Russian woman, as well as who the hair belonged to.

An examination of the deceased woman’s room showed that the sliding glass door on the balcony was open. There were bottles and glasses of alcohol on the table. A package of condoms was found on the floor next to the bed, one of which had been opened. Also packs of cigarettes and an ashtray were found.

Police are considering several versions of what happened; it may have been an accidental fall due to carelessness, as the railings on the balconies in the condominium building are very low, especially for people of average European height. Suicide or homicide is also possible, where the woman could have been pushed off the balcony by someone in the room as a result of an argument.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and the Russian Embassy has been notified of the death of Russian citizen Evgenia Smirnova for further contact with the relatives of the deceased.

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