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School is looking for teachers in Central Thailand at a salary of 5,000 Baht a month, and can hardly find one


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A school has announced that they are looking for a new teacher with a salary of 5,000 Bath per month. That is less than €135 for a whole month of work. The school later stated after criticism from the Thai population that it is a small school and that the money used for the salary comes from donations.  

The unique opportunity was announced in the media not long ago and already one applicant is said to be interested in the job.

The school is located in Suphan Buri province and the requirement for the job is a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or above. The candidate must have a degree related to subject areas including Mathematics, Social Studies, Science or Thai Language and must hold a Teaching Certificate

Narimon Kaewruang of Wat Wang Sam Phao Lom Temple School said he was shocked that this recruitment campaign had gone viral. Immediately after the post was posted on the school’s official page, it was shared on all social media.

The Thai citizens had a lot to say about it, with almost everyone not hiding their opinion.

The school has joined the local community and created an event where they have received donations, this money will be used to pay the salary of the new teacher.

Narimon said: “We are trying to find more teachers to help teach and support people in the community living in the area. The school has no specialization and we only have 4 teachers. We are looking for 1 more to help teach more students. So that students do not have to switch classes with each other. The money is collected from the municipality.

We have hired teachers at this rate before. That’s how we started, we are a small school that tries to support locally. There is currently 1 applicant who lives near the school”.

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