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Video News : Schoolboy Jumps From Bulding..WARNING, MATURE CONTENT- OVER 18 ADVISED


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Shocking suicide:

School boy, suffering from depression and struggling with himself jumps of a school building from the 5th floor.

This sad and shocking suicide happened yesterday (10th August) at around 2. 40pm, at a school in the Sisaket Province.

It is not known at this point as to why the young man Oom had climbed out on to the ledge and decided to take his own life.

Oom had been raised by his grandmother Mrs Pannee Chulong , 75, since he was young. Mrs Pannee Chulong had said that Oom was always a happy and cheerful young man that loved taking photos and laughing later when he put them on the computer.

No one expected Oom to want to take his own life today, however he climbed out onto the 5th floor balcony and walked out to the western terrace. There was shocks and screams from fellow students who had witnessed the incident. Immediately the ambulance and rescue teams were called to help the boy who at this point had only suffered from from severe hip and other bone fractures.

Unfortunately, even though many physicians and nurses came together to help the young boy, he died at around 6.20pm last night. It is not really know as to why Oom had decided to commit suicide, but it is a sad time for all involved and for those who witnessed this.

More details to follow



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