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Senior health official warns of new Covid19 outbreaks in Bangkok


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Senior health official warns of new Covid19 outbreaks in Bangkok

Overcrowded dormitories and apartment buildings have sparked new Covid19 taking off in Bangkok as more and more unvaccinated residents fall victim to the virus, a senior public health official warned at a news conference yesterday 

Dr. Suthat Chottanapund, director of the City Institute for Disease Prevention and Control, said there has been a significant increase in new infections in dormitories and residential buildings, such as police flats.

“Residents must avoid high-risk areas and strictly follow security measures,” said Suthat, whose agency is part of the Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Health.

On Jan. 12, the city registered 939 new cases with three fatalities and more than 300 patients being treated, he said. He added that more than 60 percent of the people who died had not been vaccinated or had not been fully vaccinated.

Along with crowded residential buildings, entertainment venues that function as restaurants also pose infection risks due to poor ventilation, Dr. Suthat said.

The official said Bangkok has been preparing field hospitals for another wave of Covid19 infections. He advised those who test positive to call 1330 as soon as possible for registration and treatment.

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