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Police and mafia boss both charged as sergeant escapes death thanks to iPhone

Escapes Death: Both the mafia boss and the policeman involved in the gun duel at All New Mouthburi, Pattaya, at the weekend have been charged with attempted murder.

But one cop who tried to intervene in the argument had his iPhone to thank for his life.

Somchai Sae-Chua known as “Sia Chai Na Klua” was shot multiple times as shooting began in front of 200 onlookers. Both him and Pol Lance Corporal Naretrak Khreuawara, attached to Wang Khon Daeng police in Prajinburi have been charged with attempted murder.

The mafia boss also faces weapons charges.

But it was Sgt Maj 3rd Class Pawaret Banjong who was featured being visited by Pattaya station chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch in hospital on the Thai Police Story Facebook page.

He tried to intervene in the argument reported as being over a woman.

He was shot first time by Somchai in the arm. But the second bullet hit his iPhone in his trouser pocket.

An attempted third shot failed to fire meaning the sergeant’s life was saved.

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