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Sex Education – Netflix Series

Sex Education is one of the latest Netflix Shows. Is it a good first season?

Sex education is a Netflix TV show that is obviously on Netflix and for me an amazing watch.

A couple of weeks ago I binged watched this with my girlfriend and, wow, we really enjoyed it.

There are only eight episodes and took us two days to binge-watch. So, let’s get into this review.

So for those of you that don’t know, sex education is about a young high schooler called Asa Butterfield. You might know him if you have watched Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, Hugo or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children to name a few. He is a virgin but at the same time he finds out he has this gift to give advice on sex.

Asa Butterfield
Asa Butterfield

Asa’s mother who is played by the very sexy Gillian Anderson is a sex therapist, and she plays this part very very well. It is quite interesting that given her job that her son is still a virgin when everyone else around him has already “popped their cherry”

Asa is really good with sex advice the same way that his mother is, even though he has no experience in that whole category.

However, because of his upbringing, he has an idea of the correct advice to give to certain people, so Asa and his friend Maeve create a business at school giving out sex advice. When you see Maeve Wiley who is played by Emma Mackey, you will think for a minute that you are looking at Margot Robbie as they both look very alike.

Maeve Wiley
Maeve Wiley

Sex education is just so good.  It really is amazing. The whole concept of this show honestly fascinated me and that’s why I decided to give this show a go.

I really liked I found it to be very well acted perfectly Bingable and the messages are really really deep. There is also a sense of familiarity where you’ve seen some of these types of things that are curved throughout the show that being said for every time that there’s something familiar there’s something else that sidesteps especially the finale the way this show ended it was like huh, I did not see coming and I liked it.

I think this is a show that if you want to see a teeny show done right, none of this thirteen reasons baloney if you want to see a show that does a great job of portraying what it’s like to be a teenager in the 21st century then sex education is a fascinating show.

The messages in the show are really good and the way it’s shot is perfect. The music choices are great and as I mentioned the acting also works well, and I am so happy about the way the first season ended.

I have to mention that there is a second season which I have also seen and I will make a review on that after this one.

Was I excited to see a second season? absolutely, as season 1 did not fully explain the story as they left that for season two

When you watch this show you should go in with an open mind. You should go in just kind of expecting a breezy show that just washes over you with a lot of messages, fun and great acting. Sex education for me personally I  give a four and a half out of a five-star rating. This show gets a very high recommendation. No, it is not a perfect show for sure but I definitely think it is a show that is compulsive in its ability to binge-watch and it also does a great job.

As I mentioned many times before with the messages, the acting, the style it is relatable. It is a show that teenagers and adults can relate to and I love it

Watch Sex Education season 1 now on Netflix

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