GO-GO DANCERS: The governor of Chonburi province has ordered an inspection of a seafood restaurant in Sriracha district after a video of sexy dancers at the establishment went viral.

Footage taken at Bor Tok Gung SS Bor Win, a restaurant where you choose your seafood from a tank, shows three women in booty shorts dancing on the table while the customers — including a family with a toddler — watch as they gather around the shrimp tank.

At the 3:30 mark, you can see one of the dancers pushing her breasts together and shaking them for the camera.

The clip has gotten a half a million views since it was posted on Facebook yesterday morning.

Chonburi governor Pattaratorn Tianchai has asked Siracha district officials toinspect the restaurant in question, Sanook reported. Ruh roh.

He said that the sexy dance is considered public obscenity and should not be held in an establishment that registers itself as a restaurant.

If inspectors find anything illegal, like say … breast shaking, the restaurant could be shut down.