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‘Shakira discovered through a jam jar that Gerard Piqué was cheating’


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Shakira and her ex-husband Gerard Piqué broke up last summer and have been making fun of each other lately. The soap opera seems far from over. It now appears that Shakira would have discovered Piqué’s adultery in a very special way, namely through a jar of jam.

According to the ShowNews Today website, Shakira returned from a trip to find that quite a bit of jam was missing from her jam jar at home. Nothing wrong with that, you might say. But Shakira would have been the only one at home eating jam. Piqué and her children would hate it. That’s how she found out that something wasn’t right. Apparently Piqué’s mistress Clara Chia Marti had eaten it.

Shakira has not confirmed the rumors, but her fans claim that the Colombian singer has already referred to the discovery. In the video clip of the tune Te Felicito , for example , you can see that Shakira opens a refrigerator containing the head of Rauw Alejandro, with whom she collaborates on the track. In an interview with This Morning, Shakira was asked several months ago, “You don’t go to the fridge for milk. What were you looking for?” To that, the singer cryptically replied: “I was looking for the truth.”

Earlier this month, Shakira dropped a session with Argentinian producer Bizarrap, in which she dissected her ex Piqué and his new flame. “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio,” is one of the singer’s lines. Piqué responded in a playful way. The former FC Barcelona footballer arrived at work in a Twingo last weekend and also wore a Casio watch. He gave a sneer by saying that the clocks do last a lifetime.

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