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Shopping center on Wong Amat Beach to open in Pattaya


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A unique beach park and shopping mall Wongamat Beach Village is a new project of Central Group on Wong Amat Beach in Pattaya

Central Group is developing the Wongamat Beach Village project on a 2.16-hectare plot of land in North Pattaya. Construction of the one-story shopping mall will be divided into two phases, said Pong Skuntanaga, head of corporate business development.

The first phase will be completed by the end of this year, with the second phase scheduled to begin in 2023. The company will also have an additional 8-hectare site in the same area for future development, Pong said. Further details of the project have not yet been disclosed.

Wongamat Beach Village is under the umbrella of Central Group, which is developing new retail concepts. The group is currently responsible for 10 retail projects, including CentralFestival Phuket, Jing Jai Farmer’s Market Chiang Mai, China World in Wangburaphe, Platform Wongwianyai and Porto De Phuket.

So far, Central Group has received 3 billion baht in revenue from its retail projects.

Pong said Wongamat Beach Village is one of the retail projects under Central Group’s roadmap to build a new mall every 2 to 3 years. Each new mall built in the future requires an investment of between 500 million and one billion baht, depending on the location and the land the company owns.

“According to Central Group’s policy, every project we develop must be profitable for both the developer and the store owners,” Pong said. “Moreover, each retail project of the group will be different from other retail projects in our group and projects in the marketplace.”


Pong said Wongamat Beach Village is a new “unique nature park and shopping centre” located on the beach. Designed around the Unique Natural Beach Park & Lifestyle Mall concept, it embodies the simplicity and beauty of Wongamat nature. There will be a minimum of concrete and metal, and natural materials such as cereal vetiver or bamboo will take precedence. There are more than 200 original trees within the project, making up about three-quarters of the project’s green space.

The new beachfront mall will include 29 premium Thai and international restaurants, cafes, gift stores, convenience stores and a supermarket. The area of each facility will be 100-200 square meters. It will be a unique place that will present Pattaya from a new perspective, with entertainment, art, music and outdoor activities.

In addition to being a shopping centre, the project will serve as a public space for locals and travellers to meet and enjoy the various activities offered by the organizers, such as a handicraft workshop and sports activities at the pool and beach.

Central Group targets quality Thai and international travellers with high purchasing power, locals, Bangkok residents, residents from other provinces, expatriates in Pattaya, and tourists. The company aims to attract families, couples and groups of friends, totalling at least a million visitors a year, based on an estimate of 16 million people visiting Pattaya in 2019.

Pong noted that Pattaya was chosen because Chonburi is among the top five provinces in terms of residents’ income, along with Bangkok, Rayong, Chiang Mai and Phuket. In addition, the Central Group realized the importance of comprehensive and inclusive development and growth of Pattaya’s basic infrastructure to prepare the resort for the government’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development plan. Pattaya has great potential and readiness in various aspects, he assured.

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