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Shots fired on Walking Street in Pattaya, two injured

Two men sustained gunshot wounds on Walking Street in Pattaya after pub brawl turned violent

Numerous witnesses, including several foreign tourists, were shocked by the incident in the popular and crowded tourist area of Pattaya. Rescuers and law enforcement officers arrived on the scene at 3:46 am and found two injured men bleeding near School 8 near Walking Street.

The victims turned out to be local residents, 22-year-old Tontrakarn Phasuka and 24-year-old Disorna Tokhana. Tontrakarn suffered a deep cut to the head and a gunshot wound to the right arm, while Disorn suffered a gunshot wound to the thigh. Police found a 30-centimeter-long knife with bloodstains on the ground, as well as two motorcycles that the suspects had left at the scene.

The wounded men told police that they had had an altercation with a group of men at an unnamed pub on Walking Street before the shooting. The conflict occurred because one of the men was allegedly “looked at the wrong way” and offered to go outside to settle the matter man-to-man.

Tontrakarn and Disorn both went outside, where they were met by their opponents in a group of four men armed with a knife and a gun. According to Tontrakarn, without saying a word, the suspects jumped on the two men and reportedly stabbed Tontrakarn in the head, fired several shots from a firearm at both men, then fled the scene of the conflict.

An unidentified eyewitness to the incident told police that he had recorded video of the incident on his phone and would turn the footage over to police. The video has not been released to the media at this time, pending the results of the police investigation.

The victims were taken to a nearby hospital. Law enforcement officers are on the lookout for the four suspects. It should be noted that such cases often occur in tourist locations in Thailand, especially at night – if you decide to have fun on one of the popular streets in Pattaya or Phuket, remain vigilant and positive, and remember that in Thailand the level of firearms ownership among the population is very high and quite often Thais use them to solve controversial moments, especially in a drunken state.

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