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Shrimp seller at Phuket market shoots rivals


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In Phuket, a fight over customers between shrimp vendors has led to a deadly tragedy – two people killed, three injured

A customer fight between shrimp vendors in Phuket has led to a deadly tragedy – two people killed, three injured

Phuket police are searching for a shrimp vendor who allegedly opened fire at a nearby seafood outlet at a market in central Phuket on Friday, killing two people and injuring three, the Bangkok Post reported.

The shooting occurred around 10 am at Kaset Market in central Phuket, police said. Police and rescue workers who arrived on the scene found a man and a woman with serious gunshot wounds lying near a shrimp stall. Medics performed CPR and administered first aid to the victims before taking the victims to Wachira Phuket Hospital.

Three other victims – two men and one woman – also sustained gunshot wounds. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals. According to local media reports, the lives of the critically injured could not be saved and medics pronounced two of the victims dead.

According to investigators, the shooter was identified as shrimp seller Maneop Meethong. The suspect had an altercation with the owner of a nearby shrimp stall and her family members, after which Maneonop went home and returned with a shotgun. After firing a series of shots from the gun, the suspect fled the scene.

The police presume that the reason for the conflict was a commonplace rivalry between the shops and the dispute was over competition for customers, as they were in a similar business, but other motives have not been ruled out.

The police are currently searching for the shooter.

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