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SIDEWALK-RIDING MOTOSAI: A motorcycle taxi rider was taken to court Monday where prosecutors are pursuing seven charges against him for attempting to stab an arresting officer last week.

Police said Sakan Mankong, 39, drew a knife Friday and tried to attack a city law compliance official, or tessakit, after the officer reprimanded him for riding his motorcycle on the sidewalk.

The charges pressed against Sakan include resisting a law enforcement officer, physical assault, carrying a weapon and riding without a license. The most serious offense carries a maximum of one year in jail.

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Footage of Friday’s encounter was recorded by a bypasser and later posted on social media, where it drew widespread condemnation.

Sorasak Sura-ubol, the tessakit, told media he spotted the motorcyclist encroaching on the pavement in Wang Thong Lang district and went to warn the man that his action broke the law.

Sakan responded by throwing a motorcycle helmet and lunging at him with a boxcutter, Sorasak said, adding that he was merely doing his duty.

“Many pedestrians gave me moral support. They said they’re very frustrated,” Sorasak told JS100 radio. “They said sometimes they get honked at while walking. And some motorcyclists even scolded them, even though they were on a sidewalk.”

Wang Thong Lang district director Komin Shinabutr said he will order tessakit officers to patrol in pairs or have soldiers accompany them for safety reasons.

The incident came four days after a schoolgirl was struck by a motorcyclist while walking on a pavement in Bangkok, sparking outrage on social media.

City Hall said it had ramped up checkpoints to catch wrongdoers and encouraged the public to report any violation in return for a bounty.

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